Abe’s Market $2 Tastemaker Review # 2

Did I already tell you that I really like the Tastemaker program that Abe’s Market has?  Well, I do.  Below are all the goodies we’ve been able to sample this month.  Some were hits and some were misses, but they were all interesting.

IMG_5546 cr IMG_5602 cr

  • Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Bars — These were good as a savory snack, which you might not expect when you hear chocolate.  The nuts were good and crunchy, too.
  • Fresh Kidz Boys Natural Roll-On Deodorant — My son has yet to try this.  He still has to finish up his current deodorant.
  • Quinn Parmesan & Rosemary Microwave Popcorn — Both my husband and I loved this popcorn!  All I can say is yummy.  I’m sad it’s all gone.  😦
  • Baby Booster Tahitian Vanilla — This is a prenatal protein formula that is meant to help with feelings of morning sickness.
  • Amara Organic Dried Baby Food Banana — You just mix it in a bowl with breastmilk, formula or water and voila–baby food!
  • NII Bar Almond Chocolate — This had an interesting chocolatey-fruity taste.  The consistency was good and I thought it was an overall good energy type bar.
  • Yum-a-roos Happy Harvest Dried Peas, Sweet Corn & Apples — This was an interesting taste experiment for us.  The sweet corn and apples were sweet, but the peas were crunchy and a little papery.  Still, everyone liked it.
  • Tummy Zen Natural Heartburn Relief Tablets — These will be good for hubby, as he sometimes has this complaint.
  • Sir Richard’s Condom Collection — No comment, you sly dogs.

IMG_5536 cr IMG_5514 cr

  • Oh Baby Foods Peachy Keen Baby Food — I’ll admit it, we all tried this.  It was yummy and the sweet potato leant an interesting flavor to it.
  • Nektar Honey Crystals — Now this one is interesting.  It’s packets of granulated honey that you use like other sweetener packets.  It’s not as strong as other sweeteners, so I used two in my tea.
  • Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion — I’ve really come to like this lotion for use on our chapped winter hands.  It has virtually no scent (yay!) and utilizes some part of the Macadamia nut.
  • Keenwah Aged Cheddar Quinoa Puffs — We are familiar with quinoa, but had never seen quinoa puffs before.  These are a great alternative to regular cheese puffs.  They are much crunchier and the cheese actually tastes like cheese!
  • Kind Caramel Almond & Sea Salt Bars — I like this variety even more than the dark chocolate variety.  It’s the perfect combination of salt and caramel with yummy, crunchy nuts.
  • Munk Pack Blueberry Acai Flax Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze — This had an interesting texture–not bad, just interesting.  The flavor was awesome!  We would definitely take this with out camping or on a hike.

That’s all for now!  What a long, strange trip it’s been.

PINCHme Box Review # 1

IMG_5600 crIt was several months ago that I signed up with PINCHme.  It is a product sampling program that solicits feedback from you, the user.  I believe this is the second box I’ve received.  By no means is it a super-frequent or overly generous box, but it’s nice to try out new products and assess them.

IMG_5601 crBased on the questionnaire you fill out when you sign up, they will offer you samples that are appropriate to you.  This time I got a Mr. Sketch marker — Christmas tree scented (!), a fine-tip Expo marker, and an Olay body wash with coupon.  There was also a $100 wine voucher in the box (for a purchase of at least $160).

The body wash I am so looking forward to, as I’ve been using the baby wash that the kids use.  (Side note here: We still have baby bath products left from when my son was a baby–10 years ago!  Apparently our friends and family were very concerned that we have a clean baby.)  Ahem, where was I?  We tried out the Christmas tree-scented marker right away and it was a flop with my kids.  I like pine tree air fresheners just as much as the next guy, but this scent was a little over the top.  Kids are generally averse to anything that has too strong a smell.  And the Expo marker is mine, all mine!  I’ve always wished that they would make these with a fine tip, and now they do.  Perhaps they’ve been reading my mind.

Abe’s Market $2 Tastemaker Review # 1

IMG_5460 crHere is another cool site I came across recently, when looking at subscription boxes.  It’s kind of like a subscription box, but not.  I signed up at Abe’s Market to take part in their $2 Tastemaker product reviews.  You simply create an account at their website and you then have the opportunity to sample a variety of natural products.  Each item costs $2 and you can put up to three items in your cart before checking out.  You are limited to three items in your cart, and you may only order once per day.  Also, once you have asked for a sample of a specific product, you can’t order another sample of that same product.  Once you have received your products, you can go back to the site and review them.  This gets you a few reward points which can be applied to a future order.

Also, I forgot to say that shipping is free!  Rather, it’s included in the $2 that you pay for each sample item.  Not bad!

IMG_5458 crHere is the first set of samples that I ordered.  It included a full-size Kawaii Chocolate Chip Brownie Bar, a Chai Spice Lip Balm from Ora’s Amazing Herbal, and a Swirl Cold-Brew Green Tea Mint Flavor (10 packets).  I’m glad that the sizes were reasonable.  I would have felt pretty stupid paying $2 per item for itty bitty samples.

I ended up sharing the Kawaii bar with my kids.  Only one of them said they liked it, and I think that’s because she thought I wanted her to like it.

IMG_5459 crThis is what the bar looks like.  It did not look at all appetizing and the smell was a little different.  The taste of the bar grew on me, but it is not something I would buy myself.  The lip balm was nice, though I would have liked a stronger chai smell.  I have yet to try the tea, but am looking forward to it, since I’m an avid tea drinker.  I will save the rest of my observations for Abe’s, but I did want to show you what you might be able to expect from the samples at Abe’s Market.  It’s a fun way to try out new natural products without a lot of commitment.

Check it our for yourself: Abe’s Market