Candy Flower Cupcakes

Flower Cupcake 1

My 8-year-old helped me decorate these amazingly simple cupcakes for her birthday this year.  I simply made cupcakes with a boxed cake mix and frosted them with store-bought frosting.  I chose to make lemon cake with cream cheese icing, but feel free to choose whichever flavors you like best.  Then my daughter used M&Ms to create the cute flower on each one.  We were really pleased with the results and it was a fun and simple activity to do together!


  • 1 box cake mix + ingredients to make it
  • frosting (from grocery store or homemade)
  • M&Ms candies


Make cupcakes according to package directions.  Let cool.  Frost.  Use M&Ms to make a flower on each cupcake.  Enjoy!

Yield: 24 cupcakes

Snowman Wreath Door Decoration

IMG_4855I made this cute and EASY snowman door decoration at the women’s craft group at church last night.  The inspiration came from a post on Craftaholics Anonymous.  If you want a cute door decoration that will take a minimum of cost, effort and expertise, this is your ticket.

Mine looks a bit different from the original, partly because I was only going by the picture I had in my head.  The two top wreaths are 6″ and the bottom one is 8″.  I got each of them for less than a dollar.  I put a loop of string on the top wreath and used strapping tape in an “X” to keep it on the door.  Strapping tape was also used to affix the hat to the wreath.  The scarf on mine is some weird yarn/clown wig type stuff that someone had donated to our kid’s ministry.  I had no other use for it, and figured it looked somewhat like a woven scarf.  It even has wire inside of it so you can make it look like it’s blowing in the breeze.

I really like how this guy turned out, and I might add a nose later on down the road.  I encourage you to try making one of these–it is so easy!