Valentine’s Day Candy Bark

For some odd reason I decided to make our bark in a pie pan.  Bad idea–stick to waxed paper on a jellyroll pan.  I love how the salty pretzels help offset the sweet of the candy bark.  Once the candy has melted, you’ll want to work quickly so that it doesn’t set before you place your decorations on it.  Thanks to Wilton for the original idea!

Valentine’s Day Candy Bark


  • white candy bark
  • chocolate candy bark
  • pretzel twists
  • M&Ms
  • sprinkles


Line jellyroll pan with wax paper.  In microwave safe bowl, melt white candy bark according to package directions.  Spread over wax paper in thin layer.  Lightly place pretzels on white bark as desired.  Melt 1/4 to 1/3 package of chocolate candy bark according to package directions.  Carefully spoon into openings of pretzels, covering pretzel so that it resembles a chocolate heart in the center.  Place M&M or desired candy in middle of pretzel hearts.  Decorate white bark with sprinkles.  Leave at room temperature or put in cool place to harden.  Break into pieces and store in airtight container.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Wii


Kirby Epic Yarn-w

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The boys have gotten Kirby’s Epic Yarn from the library two times now.  They’ve requested that we buy a copy for ourselves.  We’ll see…they also want Skylanders for the Wii.  We had to explain to them that we can’t get everything we want all the time.  They will have to make the decision amongst themselves about which game they want more.

Kirby is a fun game for kids.  It has a story format, with levels like chapters in the story, and achievements sprinkled throughout.  The story is kid-friendly and the entire screen looks like it’s made out of fabric scraps, yarn and buttons.  Very cute.  It doesn’t take a super-long time to complete the story, so it shouldn’t be too frustrating for kids.  Mine have not gotten bored with it yet, even though they have repeated the story.  It can be difficult to find games that are appropriate for kids, but I think this one’s a winner.

Ages: Young elementary +