Cardmaking — Dec. 2014 Delayed

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More cardmaking!  I totally forgot about these, so they are out of season.  These are a couple of Christmas cards that I made for my volunteers at church.  The crazy one is for a friend of mine who is very whacky.  I thought it would be appropriate to give her a crazy Christmas card.

IMG_4846 cr

This glittery card was made with strips of glitter washi tape.  I used individual letter stamps to write “Christmas” on there.  I have a friend who dislikes glitter quite a bit.  So this card is for her.  I even sprinkled some glitter into the envelope for her.  She’s going to love it.  😉

IMG_5231 cr

I used my envelope punch board to make a couple of simple ones for mom and dad.  Dad’s is adorned with a variety of Christmas-type washi tape with a notch cut in the end.  I put a gift card in there for him.  Mom got the little card in front that entitles her to a luncheon with the girls.  It went in the simple red envelope.  Easy peasy!

IMG_5064 cr

These cards were for my son and my nephew who had birthdays in December.  It’s hard to think of designs that would appeal to boys.  I have a lot of girly crafting supplies.

IMG_5058 cr

This is a cute thank-you note I made for the people who let us take over their house for two weeks, for our family reunion.  I used the Fiskars Latte Love Clear Stamps set.  It has a combination of coffee and tea stamps.  I really like how this one turned out.  Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

IMG_5062 cr

Finally, I dissected an entire balloon catalog/magazine to make a stack of envelopes.  I thought these would work well for birthday cards.  That’s all I have for you this time!

A Simple Christmas Tree

IMG_4832 crThis year we will be traveling to spend Christmas with relatives out of state.  Since we’ll be gone for a greater part of the Christmas season, we’re going easy with the decorating.  Instead of our big tree, we put out the little one.  I happened to have a paper chain kit lying around, which the kids assembled and used to decorate the tree.  I love the simplicity and color!  We may have to put some ornaments up, though.  Son #2 keeps bugging me about it because he knows we have some Super Mario ornaments packed away in the Christmas box.

IMG_4828 cr

Cardmaking – Dec. 2014

IMG_4850This is another activity that I did at last night’s craft group.  I had been wanting to send a card to my grandma who recently became a widow, and a couple we go to church with who are dealing with a lot of medical issues.  Sometimes it’s nice to get a card in the mail when you start to feel alone, discouraged, or forgotten.

I brought limited supplies with me, so I had to work with what was in my laundry basket.  As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of simple, clean-looking designs.  I’m particularly pleased with how these cards turned out and can’t wait to send them off in the mail!

IMG_4836In addition to the cards above, I also made a few Christmas cards.  These are for the volunteers that I work with in kid’s ministry.  When I sit down to make cards, I don’t really have any ideas.  I just look at the supplies I have and start experimenting.  That’s why they all look different.  Sometimes I really like a design and sometimes it’s just okay.

IMG_4851Finally, I took the time to acquaint myself with the envelope punch board that I had bought a while ago.  It is so simple to make your own envelopes and I love the endless variety!  I will definitely be making more of these!

Snowman Wreath Door Decoration

IMG_4855I made this cute and EASY snowman door decoration at the women’s craft group at church last night.  The inspiration came from a post on Craftaholics Anonymous.  If you want a cute door decoration that will take a minimum of cost, effort and expertise, this is your ticket.

Mine looks a bit different from the original, partly because I was only going by the picture I had in my head.  The two top wreaths are 6″ and the bottom one is 8″.  I got each of them for less than a dollar.  I put a loop of string on the top wreath and used strapping tape in an “X” to keep it on the door.  Strapping tape was also used to affix the hat to the wreath.  The scarf on mine is some weird yarn/clown wig type stuff that someone had donated to our kid’s ministry.  I had no other use for it, and figured it looked somewhat like a woven scarf.  It even has wire inside of it so you can make it look like it’s blowing in the breeze.

I really like how this guy turned out, and I might add a nose later on down the road.  I encourage you to try making one of these–it is so easy!

Neighbor Christmas Gift – Candy Coated Pretzels

IMG_0350This year we made candy-coated pretzels to give to our neighbors as a little Christmas gift.  It is quite simple to make and tastes really yummy!


  • 2 packages vanilla almond bark
  • 1 lg. bag Holiday Pretzels
  • assorted sprinkles & colored sugars
  • treat bags or boxes
  • large mixing bowl & spoon
  • microwave safe bowl/double boiler


Spread two large pieces of wax paper on counter/table.  Melt the almond bark according to package directions.  We did ours in the microwave, but I think I’ll do it on the stove next time so that we can do both packages at the same time.  You will want two packages of candy coating for one bag of pretzels.  Dump pretzels into a large bowl.  When candy coating is fully melted, pour it over the pretzels.  Fold coating into pretzels so that they are all covered.  Dump mixture onto the wax paper and spread out in a thin layer.  While coating is still warm, sprinkle with Christmas-colored sprinkles and sugars of your choice.  Allow to set.  Once it is set, simply break into pieces and put in treat boxes or bags.