Valentine’s Day Candy Bark

For some odd reason I decided to make our bark in a pie pan.  Bad idea–stick to waxed paper on a jellyroll pan.  I love how the salty pretzels help offset the sweet of the candy bark.  Once the candy has melted, you’ll want to work quickly so that it doesn’t set before you place your decorations on it.  Thanks to Wilton for the original idea!

Valentine’s Day Candy Bark


  • white candy bark
  • chocolate candy bark
  • pretzel twists
  • M&Ms
  • sprinkles


Line jellyroll pan with wax paper.  In microwave safe bowl, melt white candy bark according to package directions.  Spread over wax paper in thin layer.  Lightly place pretzels on white bark as desired.  Melt 1/4 to 1/3 package of chocolate candy bark according to package directions.  Carefully spoon into openings of pretzels, covering pretzel so that it resembles a chocolate heart in the center.  Place M&M or desired candy in middle of pretzel hearts.  Decorate white bark with sprinkles.  Leave at room temperature or put in cool place to harden.  Break into pieces and store in airtight container.

Valentine’s Day Food Ideas # 1

IMG_6116 cr

Sorry, I forgot all about these pictures that were just languishing on my computer!  For Valentine’s Day I had the kids help me come up with a fun menu.  I’m sharing what we came up with for our Valentine’s Day meals and snacks, in hopes that it will help you develop some of your own ideas.

It’s also important to me to show that you don’t have to be super-fancy when planning for and celebrating holidays.  Sometimes if you keep the trappings simpler, there’s more opportunity to spend time with the people you love.  Hope you had a love-filled Valentine’s Day this year!  🙂

IMG_6069 cr

This was totally unplanned, but I found a heart-shaped Danish kringle at the grocery store and picked it up for breakfast.  Racine Danish Kringles are made in Wisconsin and they are very good!  So…check your grocery store bakery and see what Valentine’s Day-themed food you can find.

IMG_6115 cr     IMG_6121 cr

Lunch was my favorite meal of the day.  I cut up Muenster cheese (with the orange rind trimmed off) and red pepper.  Then I boiled some baby potatoes.  I wanted to do baby red potatoes, but our local store didn’t have that variety.  We put those three ingredients on skewers as the main dish in our lunch.  It was a big hit!  We also had milk that was colored pink with food coloring.  Kids enjoy taking on that job themselves.  Finally, we had some fresh and juicy strawberries.  So good!

IMG_6067 cr

Dinner was amazingly simple.  We took a store-bought frozen pizza and arranged some pepperoni on top in the shape of a heart.  Pop it in the oven and voilà!  The original plan had been to go to Papa Murphy’s and get one of their heart-shaped pizzas, but the closest one is about 20 minutes from us.  Nobody wanted to make the trip, so we made our own version.

IMG_6124 cr

Our first snack was a variety of frosted and sprinkled cookie that you find in the bakery section of the grocery store.  My kids love these, though I would choose almost any other type of cookie over this.

IMG_6179 cr

Our after dinner dessert was a couple of varieties of mini cupcakes–again from the bakery section.  Are you sensing a theme here?  These were the only ones they had that looked remotely Valentine’s Day-themed.

IMG_6101 cr

And what would Valentine’s Day be without insane amounts of candy?  This is just what I packaged up for my own family.  Each person got a treat bag full of candy.  I also put a Post-It note with their name in each one so that we can keep track of whose is whose.

How was your Valentine’s Day?  Did you do anything to celebrate it with your family?