Easy LEGO Clean Up

Legos 1

I cannot even guess how many LEGOs we own.  It is an insane amount.  All of my children enjoy playing with them, but oddly enough, nobody likes cleaning them up.  After a royal fit the other day when everybody claimed that it was someone else who had scattered the LEGOs over the floor, I had a brain wave.

What if I found a way to make clean up easier?  Wow–what a thought!

The first thing that I did was purchase a small dustpan and broom from Walmart that will be exclusively for LEGO clean up.  It’s so easy to just sweep the pieces into the dustpan and dump them in the LEGO bin.  This solution works well for a mess that’s scattered across the floor, or for small piles.

My next idea, which I’d seen done at LEGO group at the library, was to have the kids play with their LEGOs on a flat sheet or blanket.  When they are done playing, it’s very simple to gather up the whole bundle and dump it out into the storage bin.

Legos 3 Legos 2

For sheer quickness, the sheet/blanket method is best.  However, the dustpan and broom work really well for young kids who want to assert their independence.