LEGO Hand Soap

Lego Soap 1

As a mom of LEGO-loving boys, I couldn’t pass up this awesome idea from The Rockin Boys Club-LEGO Soap.  It’s such a simple idea and I hope that it will make handwashing more fun for the kids.  Without further ado…onto the soap!

Lego Soap 2The materials you will need are a pump bottle of hand soap or hand sanitizer (or both) and a handful of LEGOs.  I like the look of a variety of brightly colored LEGOs, but you could go monochromatic, as well.  Or match the colors of the room it will be in.

Lego Soap 3It was quite easy to peel off the front and back labels on the soap dispenser.  However, they left behind a filmy white adhesive.

Lego Soap 4

I used rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive, but you could also use a product like Goo Gone.  I just didn’t have any on hand.  Once the adhesive is removed from the bottle, open the soap and push a few LEGOs in there.  You may want to try and remove some of the air bubbles, otherwise they’ll all bunch at the top.  Screw the top back on and you have some wonderful LEGO soap!

Lego Soap 5

St. Patrick’s Day DIY Shamrock Window Clings


The kids and I got our craft on the day before St. Patrick’s Day.  Thanks to Scotch® Tape for this awesome idea!  The method for making these is rather simple and you could use this technique for any holiday.  I’m looking forward to experimenting with it in the future.

IMG_7019 cr

First you’ll want to gather your supplies.  We used:

  • Clear Con-Tact paper (make sure it is the removable kind)
  • Colored masking tape (we used Scotch® because it was available at Walmart)
  • Washi tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Scisscors
  • Shamrock template (I found a free printable online and shrank it to the size I wanted)


Cut out shamrock template from paper, or draw one and cut out if you don’t have a printer.  Unroll Con-Tact paper and trace several shamrocks on there.  Cut out shamrocks.  Lay Con-Tact paper shamrock flat on table, grid-side down.  Use masking and washi tape to make stripes on shamrock.  Decorate entire shamrock, then carefully peel the entire thing off the table.  Cut out around shamrock shape, trimming off excess tape from the edges.  Slowly peel paper backing off shamrock and affix it to the window.  Repeat!

IMG_7021 crIMG_7023 cr

IMG_7024 crIMG_7025 cr

IMG_7026 crIMG_7027

IMG_7028 crIMG_7040 cr

IMG_7031 cr