Ninja Party Invitations

IMG_7855 cr

My second son has a birthday party coming up and the theme that he wanted to go with this year was Ninja!  I found this fabulous and easy homemade Ninja party invitation on Pinterest, from Mommie Forever.  Thank you for this great idea!

The original post did not have step-by-step directions, so I just winged it, wung it–you know what I mean!  My son trimmed some black 12×12 scrapbook paper and folded it in half for me.  It kind of gave our ninja a wide-head appearance, but I really was not worried.  The boys who would be receiving the invitations aren’t too picky about that sort of thing.  😉

After that, we trimmed some kraft paper to about 4″x1 1/2″.  Then I just eyeballed it in trimming off part of the bottom to make a small incline from the bottom middle to the outer edge.  This was taped to the front of the card, where the ninja would be peaking out of his hood.

Next, we affixed some googly eyes to the kraft paper, where the eyes would be.  My son had fun placing them in all kinds of silly positions.  These ninjas really had some major eye issues.  Our googly eyes were smaller than the example’s; if I had to do it over again, I’d get the big googly eyes.

IMG_7853 cr

Finally, I quickly typed up a little party information sheet which we cut out and taped inside each invitation.  Include information like: date, where it will be taking place, RSVP number, activity info., etc.

Have fun trying out this easy invitation design!  It was nice to be able to do it with my sons.


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