Zelda or Link Party Activities

I’d like to share with you the activities we did for my son’s Link birthday party.  For me, the activities are always the hardest part to plan, so I hope this helps you get a head-start on your party plans.

IMG_0383 crIMG_0380 cr

Our decorations for this party were almost laughable, but that’s to be expected with such short-sighted planning.  As I was busy in the kitchen preparing the food, my husband put up the few decorations that I had.  I told him to do whatever he wanted and this is what he came up with in a short time.  There were the typical twirled streamers over the table.  On the table we had a cheap plastic tablecloth in green.  My husband did something cool with the beam.  He hung up these bug decorations that I got from Oriental Trading (I’ll post the link later; their site isn’t working right now.), and then twisted/crumpled streamers to make them look like hanging vines.  It was a cool effect.

IMG_0386 crIMG_6552 cr

The favor bags were very easy–just some plain brown paper sacks decorated with fancy script letter stickers.  The stickers were at Walmart and had quite a few letters in each package.  I thought the fancy script fit the theme well.  Once the kids were done decorating their bags, we moved on to BINGO.

IMG_0377 crI just realized that I didn’t get any pictures of the kids playing BINGO.  I guess I was too busy calling the spaces.  The picture above shows the basket of prizes–Hershey’s bars, Andes mints and Rolos.  I got them because the colors fit the theme and they didn’t contain nuts.  I printed off BINGO sheets from this Pinterest link.  So…all the sheets ended up being the same.  The kids noticed it and I just told them they’d all be winning every time.  Once they started getting candy, they weren’t too upset about it.  😉  It was so funny to hear twelve kids call out “BINGO” at the same time.  We used dried beans as counters, but use whatever you have.  Side note–it’s very satisfying to vacuum up the beans afterward.

IMG_6530 crIMG_6548 cr

After BINGO the kids had a little treasure hunt for “Ruppees.”  I found some acrylic gems on Oriental Trading (link will be added when their website is working) and thought that they were a fair approximation of a Rupee.  We hid them mostly in plain site in our upstairs hallway and the boys’ bedroom.  The kids were told that they had to find two of each color (red/blue/green) and then turn them in to “buy” their party favors.  Some of the kids were done quickly and a few took longer and needed assistance.  When the kids turned in their Rupees they got to take their favors from the basket.  My husband officiated so that there was no grabbing or fighting.  We followed this activity with a coloring activity so that those who were finished didn’t have to sit around waiting for the others.

IMG_0367 crFavors are really tough.  I just have a hard time thinking of things that the kids will like, that don’t cost too much, and that parents won’t dread.  This is what I came up with for this party.  Only one item follows the theme of the party but really, the kids don’t care.  Our favors were fruit snacks, cheese crackers, colored pens, Rupee perler bead keychains from etsy, and scented markers.  In addition to this, the kids had candy in their bags from the BINGO game.

IMG_6589 crAs a time-killer we also did some coloring of a Link coloring sheet that I found online.  I told the kids we were having a coloring contest and that they should try to be creative.  We ended up with some very funny-looking Links.  One of them even delivered pizza!  Each kid got to show their picture to everyone else and then we decided what award they should win for their picture.  For instance, the one on the bottom left won the Reddest Face Award.

The last thing we did was to watch some LEGO Ninjago on Netflix.  I wanted to end with an activity that got everyone calmed down before leaving and that would allow kids to leave at differing times, without too much fuss.  It was a great transition activity.  Overall the party went great.  When you have that many kids in the house and there is no fighting or crying, and everyone stays occupied, you can call it a success.

Let me know if you’ve ever had a Link birthday party and what you did.  I’d love to hear from you!



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