Cardmaking — Dec. 2014 Delayed

IMG_4844 crThis post contains affiliate links.

More cardmaking!  I totally forgot about these, so they are out of season.  These are a couple of Christmas cards that I made for my volunteers at church.  The crazy one is for a friend of mine who is very whacky.  I thought it would be appropriate to give her a crazy Christmas card.

IMG_4846 cr

This glittery card was made with strips of glitter washi tape.  I used individual letter stamps to write “Christmas” on there.  I have a friend who dislikes glitter quite a bit.  So this card is for her.  I even sprinkled some glitter into the envelope for her.  She’s going to love it.  😉

IMG_5231 cr

I used my envelope punch board to make a couple of simple ones for mom and dad.  Dad’s is adorned with a variety of Christmas-type washi tape with a notch cut in the end.  I put a gift card in there for him.  Mom got the little card in front that entitles her to a luncheon with the girls.  It went in the simple red envelope.  Easy peasy!

IMG_5064 cr

These cards were for my son and my nephew who had birthdays in December.  It’s hard to think of designs that would appeal to boys.  I have a lot of girly crafting supplies.

IMG_5058 cr

This is a cute thank-you note I made for the people who let us take over their house for two weeks, for our family reunion.  I used the Fiskars Latte Love Clear Stamps set.  It has a combination of coffee and tea stamps.  I really like how this one turned out.  Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

IMG_5062 cr

Finally, I dissected an entire balloon catalog/magazine to make a stack of envelopes.  I thought these would work well for birthday cards.  That’s all I have for you this time!


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