Cardmaking – Dec. 2014

IMG_4850This is another activity that I did at last night’s craft group.  I had been wanting to send a card to my grandma who recently became a widow, and a couple we go to church with who are dealing with a lot of medical issues.  Sometimes it’s nice to get a card in the mail when you start to feel alone, discouraged, or forgotten.

I brought limited supplies with me, so I had to work with what was in my laundry basket.  As you can probably tell, I’m a fan of simple, clean-looking designs.  I’m particularly pleased with how these cards turned out and can’t wait to send them off in the mail!

IMG_4836In addition to the cards above, I also made a few Christmas cards.  These are for the volunteers that I work with in kid’s ministry.  When I sit down to make cards, I don’t really have any ideas.  I just look at the supplies I have and start experimenting.  That’s why they all look different.  Sometimes I really like a design and sometimes it’s just okay.

IMG_4851Finally, I took the time to acquaint myself with the envelope punch board that I had bought a while ago.  It is so simple to make your own envelopes and I love the endless variety!  I will definitely be making more of these!


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