Frozen Party Decorations


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Usually I don’t go overboard with decorating for parties.  I don’t have a very good eye for design and have a hard time coming up with creative ideas.  This time I went above and beyond (for myself, at least) and got things looking nice for my daughter’s Frozen birthday party.  I’ll post the pictures for you and include links to the items I bought.  That way if you want to try to reproduce some of the look, it will be easy peasy.


On the table I used a cheap plastic tablecloth that I got at Dollar General.  The beauty of this is that you can just leave the trash on the table, gather up the whole bundle and toss it in the trash.  Easy cleanup!  I also used Frozen plates and purple cups from Oriental Trading.  The cups have frozen stickers on them that I got at Walmart.  The glittery snowflakes in the middle of the table also came from Oriental Trading.  They are somewhat flimsy, but will last for a couple of parties, if you’re gentle with them.  The teal napkins and pink cutlery came from Dollar General.


This really long Frozen birthday banner came from Oriental Trading.  It comes with numbers to indicate the child’s age, which can be stuck on the heart in the middle with the included double-sided foam tape.  Below the banner I have foil snowflake garlands taped to the beam, and paper lanterns hanging over the love seat.


Until our broken ceiling fan gets fixed, it’s the perfect place to hang things!  I hung more paper lanterns and foil snowflake garlands here, over the table.  I really liked the atmosphere this set up, having a focal point above the table.


I put more paper lanterns over the corner lamp.  The foil snowflake garlands went around each window and doorway.  Also, I put curling ribbon cascades on the chairs.


I’m sorry that this picture is a bit dark.  I hung more lanterns over the short china cabinet.  On top of the tall cabinet there are two glittery, green Christmas trees.  These just happened to be out already for the Christmas season and they tied in perfectly.  Finally, you can see the gift in the foreground.  I used the last of some Christmas snowman wrapping paper I had to wrap her present.  Chances are you have some Christmas wrapping paper that would be appropriate for a Frozen party.


Here’s one last look at the party room.  I could have gone all out and decorated the adjoining living room, as well.  To save my sanity I chose not to.  Now that the party is over I took down the lanterns and birthday banner, but left the snowflake garlands up.  Part of my Christmas decorating is already done!!

Curling Ribbon – Light Blue

Curling Ribbon – Purple

Curling Ribbon – Royal Blue

Foil Snowflake Garland – apparently Oriental no longer carries these, but I’ve included a link to something similar

Frozen Birthday Banner

Frozen Dinner Plates – 8 pk.

Glitter Snowflake Centerpieces – 2 pk.

Paper Cups – Purple – 2 dozen

Paper Lanterns – Light Blue – 6 pk.

Paper Lanterns – Lilac – 6 pk.

Paper Napkins – Blue – 50 ct.

Plastic Forks – Bright Pink – 100 ct.


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